NEA Live!

Education Network

NEA Live! is streamed from the National Esports Association’s headquarters to engage and energize students through interactive learning experiences.

Students will actively participate in conversations with educators, professionals, and influencers and engage with lessons in-real-time — while also utilizing videogame-play to connect with fellow students around the globe.

The interactive experience will combine esports, athletics, and the arts with inspirational stories to engage the students in learning.

Current programming focuses on eclipses in October 2023 and April 2024 that will impact the entire USA. NEA’s “Look Up: Esports Eclipse Experience” will offer immersive learning in science, math, geography, ELA, SEL, and music. Students will collaboratively build their communities in Minecraft in anticipation of this nationwide phenomenon.

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To address the challenges of online learning that are being faced worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic, NEA has begun developing the ONE program.

This 90-minute live-streamed program will focus on varying educational themes and will be facilitated by a host and a well-known mentor/influencer. The programming will combine esports, athletics and the arts with inspirational stories to engage the students in learning. Students will be assigned a challenge in Minecraft that relates to the influencer’s experiences and will receive lessons on how to complete the challenge as homework. The students will present their homework the next day. This exposes students to a goal-oriented project that requires research, team-building, and planning skills in a fun way to fully engage the student.